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ETMC is a minority-owned, small business construction company founded in 1978 and based in Knoxville, Tennessee. ETMC specializes in Facilities Management and Maintenance, General Construction, Mechanical Design and Construction, HVAC Installation and Maintenance, and Construction Management. Our other services include Contract Administration, Staff Augmentation, Technical Support, Training, and Other Operational and Support Functions.


Nashville, Tenn. — August 29, 2023

This year there have been a lot of changes...

East Tennessee Mechanical Contractors (ETMC) announced today that after nearly 5 years of distinguished service, Devin Deathridge has been named President. He assumes day-to-day leadership of the company following his most recent role as member and Executive Vice President of building operations. Mark Deathridge, who served as president of ETMC since 1994, has been named Vice President of Building Operations for the company.

"This announcement marks the pinnacle of our company's dedicated and strategic succession planning process. It comes at a highly opportune moment as ETMC is currently achieving its highest performance levels and is poised for substantial growth in both Middle Tennessee and beyond," stated Mark Deathridge. "With utmost certainty, ETMC's employees and I firmly believe that Devin is the ideal individual to carry forward this momentum. Throughout the past 5 years, he has exemplified our company's core values and showcased an unmatched dedication to the success of our team and clients."

For over 35 years, Mark Deathridge has been an integral part of ETMC, serving as its president for the past 29 years. Under his leadership, the company has experienced remarkable growth and unwavering momentum. Throughout his tenure, he dedicated himself to elevating the organization's professionalism, establishing it as the go-to contractor for projects spanning across the Southeast. Embracing the company's mission of 'Building a Formula for Success,' he cultivated strong relationships with clients and subcontractors throughout the region.




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