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As a strong and successful team, we draw upon our varied resources. We offer some of  the best and most qualified staff. ETMC has been in business for more than 30 years and  brings unique and project specific experience to every project.


Diversity is a core value here at ETMC. We strive to excel by utilizing a culture of inclusion. ETMC has strived to enrich both the community and clients with unique partnerships and construction management services. ETMC is a certified Minority-Owned Business and brings our unique perspective to each project. We have developed relationships with subcontractors and vendors over the past 30 years to fulfill our diversity goals of achieving a minimum of 20%  diversity on each project. ETMC is a founding member of the East Tennessee Minority Supplier’s Development Council.


ETMC is a financially sound company with a current bonding capacity of $15M on a single project and our aggregate limit can be extended with normal underwriting requirements. Our Commercial General Liability and Products liability insurance is $2M, with Automobile Liability coverage at $1M and Excess / Umbrella Liability for each occurrence of $2M. We have never defaulted on a project, and we have a long history of profitable work. Our financial strength assures that we can see all projects through to completion.


ETMC has developed and continuously updates, a  streamlined functional organization and operations system. ETMC has a U.S. Department of Energy 851 Plan. We utilize site-specific technical and maintenance baselines that include all related tasks, watch standing schedules, quality assurance (QA) quality control (QC) standards, and checklists with work order schedules developed and issued on a daily and/or weekly basis, along with associated staff assignment schedules. Our systems accurately define scope, schedule, budget, operational parameters, and reporting requirements. Any variances that fall outside of acceptable performance standards are reviewed and analyzed, and corrective actions are formulated and implemented.

A site-specific plan is developed for each project based on our corporate guidelines and the best practices developed on similar projects. ETMC’s safety program produces results. ETMC’s EMR is 1.2 for 2022.


ETMC strongly advocates employing a project specific Quality Control Plan. We feel that the backbone of a successful quality control program is the development implementation and administration of a submittal review process, testing, and inspection procedures. Important activities also include explicit and well documented communications with subcontractors and vendors, as well as the timely correction of any work that does not conform to contract documents and requirements. Key elements to a strong QCP include the following: Subcontractor Prequalification Process & Quality Control Matrix.

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